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Eclisse  22 luglio 2009

NASA eclisse_22 luglio.pdf


India Solar Eclipse 22 July 2009 - Next Solar Eclipse in India

509023129 0d260ac8f4 M | India Solar Eclipse 22 July 2009

Partial eclipses of the sun pale in comparison to the overwhelming spectacle of a total solar eclipse! On Wednesday, 22 July 2009, a total eclipse of the sun will be visible from within a narrow corridor, which traverses a third of the Earth.

1315169272 34f076492a M | India Solar Eclipse 22 July 2009

The eclipse will start off on the west coast of India and travel north east across the sub-continent passing over Varanasi and Darjeeling lasting for a duration of 4 minutes, then onward through Bhutan and Bangladesh till it reaches China. China will experience the longest visual of approx 5 minutes, seen best at Chongqing, along the River Yangtze and along the Shanghai coastline. Add the great 2009 total solar eclipse to your next season's holiday abroad. on the go offer the opportunity to witness the display in holy Varanasi, tea tree terraced Darjeeling, Bhutan, aboard a Yangtze River cruiser crossing the Three Gorges and from the coast of the East China Sea, just south of Shanghai.



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